On Sunday January 17th, 2010, five days after the Haitian earthquake devastated the island population, Angela E. White began writing lyrics that erupted deep from within her soul. Fueled by her inner humanitarian, she wrote where ever and when ever inspiration struck – early at dawn half-asleep, while eating lunch or while stuck in traffic. It didn’t matter if it was the middle of the day or the middle of the night, a force deep within drove her to write the song, “Carry You”. After 7 days of writing, it began to take form.

The initial goal of the “Carry You Project” was to help those in need in Haiti. Since there were so many disasters happening around the world over the last seven months, the project moved toward a more global scene to rebuild in disaster areas throughout the world.

Past Events

My humanitarian intent for the “Carry You Project” is to help others whose lives have been devastated by natural disasters, like the Haitian earthquake.

More specifically, this is a building project. All monies raised by the “Carry You Project” will go toward building homes, schools, hospitals or other local needs in communities where families have lost everything from natural disasters.

Proceeds from the sale of the CD “Carry You – Calgary Builds for Global Disaster Areas” and any downloads will directly go to the “Carry You Project.” The Project will buy the necessary building materials and supplies or machinery needed to rebuild communities.

In the Fall of 2010, the “Carry You” CD will be released, and will be available on Itunes, www.youtube.com, and in stores. You’ll even hear it on the radio.

So, listen for it coming soon: “Carry You”



Angela E. White

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